Stop Charge-backs

CB Saver helps in prevent charge-backs BEFORE they hit you hard.

Award-winning solution assists in keeping charge-backs at bay without any IT hassles and full guarantee of success.

Charge-backs amount to problems worth $40 billion, which affect the bottom-line of all merchants.

Charge-backs are bound to cost you much till they get prevented regardless of whether they’re the outcomes of friendly fraud (disputing legitimate charges or “buyers’ remorse”) or actual fraud (stolen payment cards or identity theft). You may be deprived of all processing privileges in case you’re dealing with multiple charge-backs.

All legitimate purchases can now be disputed by consumers very easily as they visit the bank for filing charge-backs directly. You’ll need to bear the cost whenever that happens. You’ll need to spend an amount worth $300 for every chargeback volume worth $100. This amount is spent in terms of penalties, expensive charges, and extra losses concerning services and goods besides the time that’s fully wasted.

Lowering your chargeback losses

CB Saver offers a chargeback management program, which helps you cope with cardholder disputes effectively. Your payments are protected by this program besides preventing charge-backs.

Chargebacks worth 80% are prevented by Top Card Issuers belonging to any growing and extensive network.

Safeguard the Bottom Line - Much of the processing privileges, penalties, fines and expensive fees ought to be avoided.

Complete Coverage - Both the fraudulent and non-fraudulent charge-backs are prevented.

False Positives to be avoided – Actual charge-backs don’t follow dispute signals created by a few solutions. These solutions amount to additional protection costs that you don’t want.

Real Time Notifications Stop Losses - Fulfilling certain services and goods result in extra stop losses. Such stop losses have to be restricted. Likewise, additional billings have to be kept from actual charge-backs.

Staff Allocation Improvement - You’ll find more time to be spent on your business as you focus on the minute details by pulling out of your business burden.

100% Accuracy - You won’t need to bear the cost of a case that was initially resolved successfully but named as a chargeback later, if you opt for zero-defect guarantee provided by CB Saver.

A secured and proven process for lowering charge-backs

Any issue that you have with your consumer can be resolved directly as you respond to the process of redirecting it to you from the issuer. You’re bound to be in control regardless of whether you’re accepting the risk associated with charge-backs, taking any action, providing any refund or restricting fulfillment of services and goods.