Process Payments

Process your payments securely and cost effectively with CB Saver’s Global Payment Gateway

The CB Saver “Super Payment Gateway” Supports All of Your Global Payment Processing Needs Via One Platform and Worldwide Connection:

Payment processing is complex, highly regulated and constantly evolving. Increasing fraud threats, changing PCI regulations, global security initiatives and buyer behavior continue to impact the processing playing field.

Common processing challenges include:

Scalability and flexibility to support change and business growth – Inflexible or limited processing options can cause decreased performance, increased costs and processing bottlenecks that degrade the customer experience and hurt sales.

Brand damage from rising fraud threats – Data security and rising fraud statistics illustrate the devastating effects non-secure processing has on your brand and bottom line. Research shows customers will avoid shopping at merchants who they feel lack proper security measures.

Adapting to emerging technology – The rise of omni-channel commerce has opened up new sales opportunities, but also significant new vulnerabilities. Lack of real-time insight and the cost of updating legacy systems that don’t offer comprehensive reporting can inhibit your profitability.

Cost of compliance – new and evolving regulations create more complexity and increased costs to remain compliant.