Online Merchants FAQ's

CB Saver Alerts. Eliminating Chargebacks.

1. About CB Saver?

  • Since 2005, CB Saver has been stopping chargebacks for merchants who process customer-not-present (CNP) transactions.
  • CB Saver is a communication platform enabling merchants to access card-issuer data through a real-time secure portal or API.
  • CB Saver has exclusive relationships with a global network of banks that issue credit and debit cards to receive pending chargeback notifications and distribute them on transactions post authorization.

2. What are CB Saver Alerts?

  • CB Saver Alerts are notifications for specific transactions that chargebacks will be processed unless a merchant takes action. The merchant needs to issue a refund as soon as possible (objective is within 24 hours) and provide a notification to the issuer through the CB Saver portal that the credit is on its way.

3. What are the benefits of CB Saver Alerts?

  • Providing that a refund is issued in a timely manner and the outcome is submitted, a Chargeback Alert enables a merchant to avoid the chargeback all together – and all the direct and indirect cost associated with getting a chargeback.

4. What data elements are included in an CB Saver Alert?

  • Each CB Saver Alert provides the following information; Credit Card Number, Authorization Date/Time, Amount of the transaction, and the Merchant Descriptor.

5. How are the CB Saver Alerts sent?

  • Via Portal – CB Saver notifies the merchant via email when a new CB Saver Alert is available. The merchant clicks on a link in the email notification and enters their username and password to access the portal. Once in the portal, any and all CB Saver Alerts can be accessed and actioned by the merchant.
  • Via API – CB Saver has a web service API that can be used to consume and action the CB Saver Alerts automatically.

6. What action does the merchant take when they receive an CB Saver Alert?

  • Simply refund the transaction immediately and record the outcome within the CB Saver portal (or API) as “Stopped” and insert “Refunded on ” within the comment field.

7. How does CB Saver match CB Saver Alerts to the affected merchants?

  • CB Saver uses the merchant descriptors to match CB Saver Alerts to a merchant company. If you open new merchant descriptors, advise CB Saver as soon as possible.

8. What if you get a Chargeback on a transaction that has been refunded?

  • CB Saver works closely with card issuers to prevent this from occurring. In the event however, you receive a chargeback simply contact CB Saver by emailing our customer service department at customerservice@CB CB Saver will work with the card issuers to address the issue and where the credit was submitted in a timely manner. No charges will be applied for the Alert.

9. What if you don’t refund a transaction that you get an CB Saver Alert for?

  • Actioning the Alerts are at the sole discretion of the merchant however not actioning Alerts leads to chargebacks.