Increase Billings

Learn how to reduce customer churn, retain more customers and increase billings with Decline Salvage.

Recapture declined card transactions and boost lifetime value today.

Losing revenue to declined card payments?

According to MasterCard, decline rates for recurring card billings average a startling 25-30% – that adds up to a lot of lost revenue from customers who don’t want to stop paying for your goods or services. With the cost to acquire a new customer 5 to 10X more expensive than retaining an existing one, involuntary churn has a significant impact on your long-term revenue streams.

You work hard to attract and keep your loyal customers. Losing any customer is bad enough, but losing loyal customers who want to keep paying for your products and services to card declines is particularly painful and affects even the most sophisticated businesses.

Recover lost transactions, keep your customers and boost lifetime value


Decline Salvage helps you recapture customers and billings you might otherwise have lost to preventable card declines. Processing over $20 billion in revenues annually, our close relationships with top banks give us unique insight and expertise into how to avoid card declines and prevent involuntary lapses.

CB Saver’s proprietary logic analyzes your transactions and logic across its broad industry benchmarks and develops advanced resubmission rules for your business to increase approval rates and keep customer billing flowing.

Turn declined transactions into revenue and long-term profits:

Improve authorization rates and retain loyal customers by up to 20%* – quickly increase customer retention and extend customer lifetime value on your at risk customers.

Guaranteed results with NO Risk– with our no risk, pay for performance model you ONLY pay a nominal percentage on revenues we successfully recover for you.

Get started within days with NO set up Fees – our integration is fast and painless. You can be up and running through the Global Payment Gateway within 48 hours...or choose our standalone integration and simply upload declined authorizations into the CB Saver platform. Either way there is no cost to you.

Clear incremental gains and flexibility – we work alongside your internal billing process or can take over once you have exhausted your internal authorization attempts– whatever is right for your business.

Proprietary logic and rules engine– our proprietary algorithm analyzes your declined transaction and billing patterns to make re-approval decisions and maximize your results.

Boost your long term profits and customer value – retained customers produce over 150% more revenue in just the first year alone…and that number continues to increases over time.