Fight Chargebacks

Chargebacks cause profit losses that can be recovered easily and quickly using the Premier Chargeback Revenue Recovery Service of CB Saver.

We help you quickly fight chargebacks and recover revenue without any hassle.

Apart from draining your valuable resources, chargebacks can influence your profits significantly. Friendly fraud (“I didn’t buy that” or “buyer’s remorse”) costs merchants of all segments an amount worth $12 billion just last year. Consumers are now finding it simpler to avoid the merchant and get in touch with the bank for disputing legitimate charges…leaving the price to be paid by you.

Challenge 1

Resolving chargebacks in-house consumes much time, proves expensive and often results in the inefficient utilization of internal resources.

Challenge 2

Businesses often attribute disputes as a business cost that can amount to additional losses relating to excessive refunding or loss of merchandise that is never returned.

Challenge 3

Results can be maximized once you gain more expertise on disputing chargebacks, changing complex rules and reasoning codes.


Accepting your shrinking profits is often quite difficult. We’re bound to guide you on revenue recovery!

The Premier Chargeback Revenue Recovery Service offered by CB Saver can help enhance your rate of winning chargebacks, save time and recover profits you’ve lost that are yours rightfully... without roping in scarce IT resources.

Immediate ROI - Pay Only For Success

Guaranteed ROI - Paying-for-performance pricing model demands only a nominal percentage from you only when we’re successful (fee option with fixed rate is also available).

Winning rate is nearly twice that of the industry average - reclaiming more than 50%* of all disputes.

Streamlining Your Process

Our efficient reporting features and in-depth analytics can assist in identifying operational problems and improving measures to prevent fraud and chargebacks.

We help in lessening costs and freeing up your time from recruiting, maintaining and training staff.

Comprehensive Omni-Channel Coverage

Support for different media allows you to recover chargebacks for BOTH the card-not-present and card-present channels.

Covers most card brands and all major methods of payment (e.g. Discover, American Express, MasterCard, Visa,) including PayPal.

Our experts help you lower Costs and remain Focused on Your Business.

We’re a trusted leader in the payments space. We’ve processed chargebacks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.

Our Chargeback Recovery Specialists have what it takes to deal with various aspects of the dispute process: researching, case positioning and communicating issues for specific resolutions.

Long term relationships with renowned issuer banks as well as processors provide an insight into the most complex chargeback details and the ideal time to dispute them.