Lower Dispute Costs

When it comes to disputing charge-backs, the cycle time needs to be reduced and operating expenses have to be lowered. Ensure a quality customer experience, steer clear of charge-back costs and resolve issues concerning fraudulent and non-fraudulent billing. You’re bound to lose money and time as the customers resolve disputes by getting in touch with you and avoid the merchant. It’s often expensive to manage the disputes and opt for arbitration or write-offs. Ever case of arbitration might cost you anything between $300 and $750.

Matters might just get worse very soon. Much of the friendly fraud that you’re acquainted with is caused by the popularity of m-commerce and e-commerce. You may expect migration of many more frauds through channels depicting “card-not-present”. This way, your bottom-line may be influenced by the creation of more work or disputes.

Benefits will show up quickly even though the process appears simple:

Issuers can now utilize the much needed feedback and information-exchange loop through the proprietary network of CB Saver. It will certainly help in holding more resource time and lowering costs. Resolving the disputes is very much possible even before the charge-backs show up.

Lower write-offs involving small balances that are caused while processing charge-backs

Your brand and reputation can be supported well. All you need to do is to curb losses associated with purchase volume and dissatisfaction caused to cardholders for managing charge-back disputes efficiently. To avoid unnecessary expenses, you must shorten the resolution time. Billings are often slackened by the average resolution time worth 28 hours; more charge-backs are created as an outcome. It even lessens card association fees and other associated charges.

Comprehensive coverage – Reasoning codes for disputes of fraudulent and non-fraudulent nature can be mitigated

Our vast merchant network helps enhance your benefits – Businesses run by a number of Fortune 500 clients can be protected once they opt for our services. Boarding new merchants turns simpler with our flexible integration options, efforts of business development and credibility. All of these factors support more than 8,900 accounts and causes our triple digit growth.

Our Issuer partners won’t need to bear any expenses – It’s so easy and simple

Using these benefits doesn’t involve any costs for the issuers. Chargeback dispute management can be streamlined through Batch file, API or an Online Portal included in our flexible integration options in the absence of any IT support. In order to help you, we wish to guide you through the entire integration process in a hassle-free way. You must get in touch with us in order to acquire more knowledge on how your customer support can be improved and your operational costs can be lowered.