CB Saver Fraud

CNP Merchants will now have their most desired Intelligence Suite – Fraud Protection and Payment Risk Management

When it comes to payment risk management and protection of fraud, we provide an end-to-end layered and comprehensive solution.

For each of your dollars seized you may have to spend an extra mount of $3.08 in terms of lost merchandise, services and time. With each passing day, the trend is getting worse. Apart from increasing your exposure, your shopping convenience will also be improved with the introduction of multiple purchasing channels and payment technologies.

You must develop powerful and effective strategies to defend fraud. You must remember that being restrictive is also very expensive at times. The check out process often shows you through unnecessary friction while draining your resources through long drawn manual reviews and “false positives” created out of stringent or misled fraud measures. Researchers have often identified a major chunk of legitimate sales (97%) that were lost as legitimate but tagged as “high-risk”.

Prior to losing sales and customers in your legitimate business, you must obtain fraud protection adequately.

For multiple interaction and vulnerability points, you must get an omni-channel and comprehensive protection.

Mobiles, e-commerce platforms are among those risky devices that need to be identified and blocked if you really wish to uncover malicious attempts accurately and quickly. Losses caused by poor actors ought to be stopped immediately. You mustn’t give fraudsters a chance to utilize your ID credentials and payment cards that they’ve stolen.

Acquire extra insights on consumers – The behavioral patterns, interests and identities of your customers can be studied seamlessly and within a short time due to the key factors of consumer intelligence and authentication. Manual data entry needs can be kept to a bare minimum as your conversion rate is improved.

Location of your buyer can be traced by an advanced form of geological technology. The user experience doesn’t get distorted even as red flags are created by such technology. Once the risky areas are identified, it helps you pinpoint the behavior of your buyers.

A major integration point – You must keep the fraudsters at bay and react quickly instead of getting involved in a network of irrelevant solutions and spending money unnecessarily over re-integrations.

Efficient class solutions to choose from without any hesitation – identify and pick technologies that help your business to be balanced and layered.

Multi Variable Reporting and Proprietary Rules Engine – In order to acquire real time customer insights that seem so reasonable, you must set fresh rules that will allow you to provide multiple fraud protection options with more than 500 individual data points that are tailored to meet the needs of your customers.

Restricting costs through agility and speed – Taking lesser time in committing transactions more effectively by authenticating customers and lowering manual review.

You may get in touch with our team of experts and make the most of our smart solution. Our specialists are always working towards improving our solutions, so that you can make the most of them.