CB Saver – About Us

You’re bound to come across numerous financial service providers that offer mitigation and abatement of chargebacks in the global market. Most of these service providers have their own challenges and strength areas, as it happens in other industries.

CB Saver offers quality assistance in mitigation and abatement of chargeback.

We have what it takes to club two leading solutions and derive an optimal solution. Our areas of operation includes –

Stopping Chargebacks

All merchants get affected by this problem worth $40 billion caused by chargebacks. Chargebacks may cost you a fortune unless you prevent them early on. You must keep an eye on friendly frauds (e.g. when legitimate charges are disputed by buyers) as well as on actual frauds (issues concerning theft of payment card or identity). You must keep yourself from losing much of your processing privileges in the end.

Fraud Prevention

We provide you with a secured platform for managing risks. All of your services can now be tailored to suit the needs of your customers. You’ll now be able to cope with the latest fraud threats, earn more customer insights and safeguard your business. Our experts take into account factors like device intelligence, buyer intelligence and payment options for developing this smart solution.

Simple and fast transactions

You may set your custom or business rules in advance and make it easier for you to reject, accept and centralize transactions with the help of our embedded rules. A single-layered integration will help lessen your trading risks. Acquiring more of quality sales, lessening IT costs and curbing risks get easier once your fraud prevention strategy gets modified and layered. Committing transactions over a secured platform is now based on preset payment rules and adjustable permissions.

Ease of reporting and cost effectiveness

The CB Saver mitigation platform eradicates the risk of paying for overlapping reports or considering superfluous alerts. You’ll always find it difficult to manage the program effortlessly and need to account for the extra cost in time. You must keep this in mind even if you’re into refunding disputes before you see any chargeback. You’re bound to save a lot of time through our chargeback management program. We’ll assist you in customizing this service to meet and exceed the challenges associated with your business model.