About Us

At times, the bank account of a merchant may be credited wrongly while making a sale. It needs to be debited back at a later stage when the error gets recognized. The term used to describe the process of debiting a merchant's account in this way is known as 'Chargeback'.

Chargeback abatement and mitigation seems an uphill task for a number of business owners. The global market is likely to show you through several financial service providers that serve you in these areas. CB Saver provides guidance to merchants in dealing with chargebacks.

CB Saver has our team of mitigation professionals that provide quality assistance in chargeback abatement. Preventing frauds and controlling chargebacks are the key operating areas of this team.

CB Saver provides our clients with an optimal solution by clubbing multiple solutions that address challenges concerning their key operational areas.

In order to curb charge-backs effectively, one needs to prevent issues concerning identity theft and disputed charges. Risks can be managed successfully when you process transactions within a secured platform like that of ours. Multiple payment options are considered by experts in their attempt to prevent frauds alongside efficiency of the buyer and the device that’s being used by him.